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Clinical hours?

  1. 0 I will be starting a BSN program in the fall. Our director says we will finish the 5 semesters with 1000 clinical hours - "the highest in the state" (Colorado)

    So, my question is: how does this compare to other programs around the country?
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    That's a pretty typical number.
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    I just did a rough calculation for my ADN program and it's probably 800ish. That's 4 semesters of full-time or 7 semesters of part-time classes.
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    Typical in Texas. Generally the state is responsible for setting a minimum and schools may add more hours
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    We do 960 clinical hours during our five semester program. We also have to do a 200 hour preceptorship during our last semester. If you total all those hours together, then we are technically doing 1,160 hours of clinical before graduation.