1. So I'm going back for my BSN. I'm going to CLEP out of History so I'm taking the U.S. History 1 exam. I'm also going to CLEP out of a computer course and will take the Info. Systems and Computer Apps exam. How hard are these exams? Has anyone CLEP'ed out of courses before?
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  3. by   DolceVita
    You can go look at many CLEP books at Barnes & Noble. I'd suggest purchasing them but try for 2nd hand.
  4. by   RN1982
    I bought a couple on Amazon that were used. I don't think the history and computer exams are going to be very difficult.
  5. by   Harparia
    Now I haven't done the courses that you are challenging, but I have successfully passed 5 other CLEP exams, on the first attempt.
    I tried several resources when I studied for my exams. There were only two resources that I thought were worthwhile. 1) I used this online resource. It is a pay service to use, but it has a 30-day money back guarantee, and it is well worth the cost in my opinion. It covers all the key points and should get you up and running on your topic. You want to be scoring better than 60% on the practice tests before you move on to 2) the official CLEP practice test book . You can buy this book that is one edition back from the most current one for about $6. They really only change one or two questions per section, in the newer issue. Again, you want to be scoring better than 60% before you move on to take the CLEP exam. I am sure that I saw a few questions from the practice book that were on the real test verbatim.

    Best of Luck
  6. by   RN1982
    Did you take CLEP college algebra? And by the way, thanks for the info and the sites, I will definately sign up.
  7. by   Harparia
    No problem,
    I did online courses at the community college for math. I took the chemistry, humanities, biology, sociology, and psychology CLEP Exams. I did anywhere from 2-6 weeks of study in preparation.
    Sorry I don't have any insight on the tests that you want to take. I just know what worked for me.