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Woohoo a long awaited ending to a scary, stressful, hair pulling journey! I will graduate in August 2013 with my ADN !!!!! Whose with me?... Read More

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    Ill actually finish my finals in towards the end of April and graduate May 5th!!!!! So excited!!!!!
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    I can't believe we are so close!!
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    Congrats everyone. I am so jealous. Wish I was at the end of the road. I am barely getting ready to start and I am scared to death about how hard I hear it will be. The anticipation and the unknown are killing me!!!!! Lol!
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    ADN...April 2013....Halleluia!
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    May 2013 after a long road of 10 years on and off in community college. 4 children have gone on this journey with me and we are all looking forward to me passing the Boards this summer! Yahoo!