CK-MB and Troponin

  1. what is the difference in CK-MB and Troponin, I think troponin can be used to diagnose a MI however both can assess damage to cardiac muscle?? is this correct? is Troponin only released during an MI and CK-MB can be used to assess myocardial ischmea??
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  3. by   Daytonite
    CK-MB is the abbreviation for "creatine phosphokinase muscle and brain"and is for isoenzymes found in the heart. Normal levels are less than 4 - 6%. They will increase when there has been injury because those enzymes are released into the bloodstream. Levels increase in predicted times frame levels, and the specific isoenzyme that is present can determine the exact location of the tissue that has been damaged.

    Troponin are several specific proteins that are only detectable when there has been an MI or myocardial cell damage.

    Troponins are a generalized marker telling you an MI or myocardial damage has occurred. CK-MB is more specific test telling where and when.
  4. by   86toronado
    Thanks Daytonite! I always look at a thread if I see that you've replied, because I know that the answer will be a thorough, clear, and understandable explanation!