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Cheating appears to be an epidemic, from some of the stuff I've been seeing and reading lately. It's going on in my program too. Some people don't even realize they're doing it while others are very aware, but are doing it... Read More

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    Hearing about cheating really makes me angry. We've had some problems with cheating at my school and it was with students gathering together and taking online tests in a group. They had explicit instructions not to do it and chose to cheat. The faculty caught wind of it and said that anyone who came forward would be spared. They'd have to retake the semester, but they wouldn't be expelled. Anyone who was caught without confessing would be kicked out. No one was ever caught because there wasn't enough evidence! What did happen was the students who hadn't cheated at all (myself included) got a lot of their privileges taken away, our test format and material got changed halfway through the semester, and we were all treated as suspects.

    Because of this I have no sympathy for cheaters. The selfish act of cheating creates a ripple affect and other people can pay the price. I for one, don't want a nurse caring for me who couldn't hack it on their own.

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    There is no such thing as unintentional cheating....heck that stuff you got to know for yourself...and it will tell on you when you have to perform in the real world....I had a nurse who didn't know how to perform a simply procedure with the catheter the other day and she ran around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get folks to help her and this was a procedure she should have learned as a first semester student nurse! All I could do was shake my head and sent up a quick prayer for the patient!
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    There were a few ADN programs in my city that lost their accreditation and nursing programs due to rampant cheating by the students. I do agree that there can sometime be a lot of grey areas around quizzes/tests with online classes. But my rule of thumb is that if I wouldn't do it in a group setting in a physical class, it's cheating if I do it outside of it.

    I'm on the fence about how I feel about upperclassmen giving a heads up counting as cheating. My teachers usually make their tests from a test bank of questions. But some of the former students have told a few people which particular books they may be using to get their questions from. However, at least 2 of the teachers themselves have told us they do indeed like particular books, so I don't think its of any consequence that the older students told us first since the teachers later on confirmed it.
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    I took several online classes for pre-requisites, and many of my quizzes and assignments are online in nursing school now. Depending on the content, exams have been conducted via open book at home, at a testing center, in groups with other classmates, and on laptops in a common proctored room. "Open book" to me just means the test is going to be more comprehensive.

    I think the key to online testing is to make sure the directions are clear for how it is to be taken.
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