Care Plans.. HELP!!

  1. Hi, I'm working on my care plan and im having some trouple. I need to come up with a nursing diagnosis for: Seizure, Chest pain, Hypokalemia, and Hypertension. Not all in one, but four separate ones. Then, I need to develop a care plan on my nursing Dx about Seizures and my nursing Dx for chest pain. I was thinking for seizures: Risk for trauma r/t loss of large muscle coordination AEB seizure, and for chest pain Risk for decreased cardiac output r/t (idk) AEB chest pain and HTN?? idk.. I'm kinda lost and soooooo over care plans! HELP!!!

    Also, does anyone know the pertinent labs for seizure?
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  3. by   ImThatGuy
    According to Davis's Nurses's Pocet Guide 12th Ed.

    seizures includes along with two others

    deficient knowledge regarding condition and medication control (boring)
    risk for trauma (interesting)
    risk for suffocation (interesting)

    risk factors include weakness, balancing difficulties, altered conciousness, loss of large or small muscle control

    The caveat to this is that in school and for testing they teach you that a risk for diagnosis is not as much of a priority as one that isn't.

    What's the chest pain, and is it occurring "now" in your scenario? Trauma, angina, MI, getting hurt during a seizure, lol?
  4. by   justchill
    acute pain for chest pain, try to stay away from risks unless it's the only thing you can use