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    I had to wait till my cable TV contract was over before I cut it off. Otherwise I would've had to shell out $200-300! SOOOO glad we cut the cable, stupid bill was getting ridiculously out of hand, like >$150/month!!! Now I just have internet so that alone saved me $100 even though it's the last semester of school. Waaay too expensive! Now my fiancee and I just have Netflix and a bunny ear antenna to pick up over the air channels. We also haven't been to the movies together in... well I can't remember the last time That's for after graduation indulgence.

    I try to limit how much I eat out especially at clinical site cafeterias. It's a precarious balance trying to figure out how much to work biweekly to pay the bills (I'm on-call) and not working so much that you take away from study time.

    I tried to not use the AC and heater as much. Also we have been penny pinching when going grocery shopping, i.e. using coupons, buying sale items only, forgoing organic foods.

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    haha, this was a funny cartoon!!
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    Quote from SopranoKris
    Make sure you thank your parents often for the wonderful gift of rent-free living and food on the table. What great people You've got a good plan there. It will pay off later when you're done with school.
    I do almost everyday. I am very grateful to have such a supporting family.

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