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A little bit about myself: I am a Nursing/Army ROTC student/cadet at the University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY) at the UK college of nursing. My course is a 4-year BSN track... After a 4-year BSN, is it possible to become an... Read More

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    Quote from keegs13
    Thank you all for your help with the BSN - MSN/DNP questions.. I have a few more to throw at you guys!
    I am on scholarship to the University of Kentucky for Army ROTC (anyone with Army ROTC scholarship experience, please help!!)

    1. After graduating with a BSN, how many years does it take in grad. school to get an MSN? DNP?
    2. Can I go to graduate school for my MSN or DNP after my 4 years (BSN) with my Army ROTC scholarship, or do I go to my first base to shadow after that?
    3. Could I become an NP just through the Army's training, sort of like a specialty, like ER?
    4. How much of a pay difference is there between a NP and an ER nurse with a BSN (preferably in the Army/Military)?

    I'm going to ask a question back that may make it easier for folks to answer your questions.

    What is your understanding of what an NP is?

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    I am abbreviating Nurse practitioner as NP.
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    Quote from keegs13
    I am abbreviating Nurse practitioner as NP.
    I understood that. It just seems from your questions that you may be unclear about the role differences between an RN and an NP. They really are very different roles.
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    Oh, sorry for the confusion..
    As I understand it, an RN is a graduate of a nursing program that has taken the board exam, and an NP is an RN with a more advanced nursing degree.
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    Quote from CuriousMe
    It's 2015....BUT....that is a recommendation by the ANA, who isn't a credentialing organization. So far, no one has said definitively that anyone will need a DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice) by 2015, it's just a recommendation and a conversation.
    But if it is true, I wonder, will current NP's with an MSN have to go back to school to get their doctorate to "fulfill" the NP requirements?
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    No - if and thats a big IF, the DNP becomes mandatory, then those currently in practice with an MSN will be grandfathered in.

    Back to the OP: there is no "on the job training" for NP. Even in the military.

    Bottom line is you have to have at least an MSN.
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    TraumaRUs --- THANK YOU! Exactly the answer I was looking for, confusion = clarified.

    Thanks for all your help everyone!

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