Is this book too old?

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    I came across a sale for "Portable RN" (4th Ed.) and am considering purchasing it.. should I be concerned that it was published in Feb. 2010? Think that is getting too old? I am wondering if it is going on sale bc they are going to come out with a newer version.

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    Many times newer editions don't change a lot, honestly. Books like pharmacology and skills I probably would get newer editions but I think you'll be okay. If there's a major change in something important you would probably know anyway. And always check p&p at the hospitals you work at or have clinicals at.
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    I would consider the purchase. I doubt there are many changes and, if so, ask a classmate to let you copy those
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    I doubt a lot has changed. I'd ask your instructor because more often than not, they will be ok with an older edition.

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