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Nursing school can be expensive. If you are not prepared financially you could get yourself in a lot of trouble. Community colleges are the least expensive but may not offer the best programs or the best opportunities in... Read More

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    What are some good schools in nyc to study nursing?

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    I worked in an ER for 8 years before I decided I wanted to be a nurse. So at the tender age of 30-something, I found a local community college and signed up for classes.

    Now, I work full time (graves) and go to school during the day. I have all but 3 classes need for my pre-req's done. I'll take these last 2 one at a time and then apply for the ADN program while taking my last pre-req (microbiology). Once in the program it will be scholarships and grants along with our own $$ paving the way. We have it planned so that I'll go to school full time while in the program and we will (and can) live off of my DH income. After I'm out of school we'll take a couple years to pay off any debt we have, build up savings, and then if he wants to go back to school we'll do it all over again. Only inverted.
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