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School in the fall for meeeeee XD !!!! I'm so excited although I am a little nervous about enjoying myself. Will we still have fun as nursing student, or is life as we know it over for the next 4 years?... Read More

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    Ha ha I would say that nursing school was hard as all get out but since I have had my license and look back to the nursing school days I realize that it wasn't so bad!! Ha ha I made a lot of friends and learned a lot! Even though it is super stressful you can make fun out of it!!!
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    wow! This was deep! I can appreciate the honesty in this!!

    Quote from decembergrad2011
    I have watched a young woman die after 20 minutes of CPR post car accident.
    I have coached a woman through giving birth and teared up when I saw her newborn baby finally pop out.
    I have listened to gut-wrenching stories on a psych floor, and given support to patients at the end of their rope, most of them under the age of 18.
    I have helped organize a neighborhood association in a poor area with high crime rates.
    I have helped kids in the same area plants seeds in a community garden.
    I have spoken to a woman on a ventilator who replied via pen and paper...and I still have that paper because she wrote that I should always believe in myself and that I would make a good nurse.
    I have suffered a finger stick, been squirted with blood, and gotten urine and feces all over my scrubs.
    I have cried immensely after doing poorly on an exam, failing a competency, or after working a particularly hard clinical day.
    I have held my urine for 12 hours straight on multiple occasions.
    I have explained to family and friends that my absence at their function was due, in part, to my nursing education.
    I have enjoyed many small victories with nursing skills - my first good IV start is still so clear in my mind.
    I have followed a patient from pre-op where I learned why she was there, to watching her abdomen cut open for a hysterectomy, to the PACU where I was the only person she recognized.
    I have given injections to crying babies while their nervous parents looked on.
    I have been praised by doctors, but also berated by doctors, and even ignored by doctors.
    I have been praised by nurses, but also berated by nurses, and even ignored by nurses.
    I have sweated through an isolation gown more times than I can count.
    I have learned to accept a grade of C, be thankful for a grade of B, and feel overjoyed when I receive an A.
    I have watched classmates drop out, fail, and/or get on anti-depressants.
    I have mingled with alumni and seen how hopeful they are for the future of nursing.
    I have attended research conferences, listened to speakers, and shadowed.
    I have prepared so many powerpoints, posters, and presentations.
    I have never really learned how to use APA on the fly (and still am thankful to Purdue's OWL to this day!).
    I have worked in group settings every single semester, and one semester it cost me a friendship.

    If this sounds like something you're interested in, you will enjoy nursing school. I do NOT think it was "fun" and there were days when I couldn't believe I had chosen this for my life. But now, looking back, it was such an amazing experience and I wouldn't change ANY of it for the world.

    Good luck <3
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    I'm not a nursing student yet, but will be starting in August. I don't really think it's supposed to be fun!
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    I love it! I am going into 3rd semester (out of 4). I get along with most of the students and haven't really had an issue with the instructors. I am also the VP of our SNA, so do a lot with that and love it! It's tough, yeah, but doable. I'm almost 36, married and have 2 kids and still make time for school/studying/SNA/me time!
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    Quote from Dezy
    School in the fall for meeeeee XD !!!! I'm so excited although I am a little nervous about enjoying myself. Will we still have fun as nursing student, or is life as we know it over for the next 4 years?
    Fun? If you wear the right party hat to the autopsy it can be a lot of chuckles.

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