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This question is for nursing school students and nurses. Any recommendations or advise to those who got accepted into the nursing school on what to review, read, learn, do before the beginning of the... Read More

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    Definitely get your life in order, get car maintenance done, organize your home, bills paid, and study space neat and tidy. Then if you are really motivated learn how to take a blood pressure, and read up on the heart, s1 s2 sounds, characteristics, positioning, hand washing, medical terminology, and start on your dimensional analysis!!!! Med math is crucial and in my school we get the boot if we don't score over a 90 on first try or 100 on second try. Good luck!
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    The only thing I can say is just relax. Get things in order, like if there's something you'v been putting of to do, do it. Otherwise theres not that much to prepare just go with the process, everything will be okay Good Luck!

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