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I am currently finishing my last semester of A&P and have had a terrible A&P 2 teacher. I am not learning anything beyond a 7th grade level. The class is so easy that showing up is all that is required (little to no study time... Read More

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    I can't believe how many people think anatamy is more important than physio. The opposite is true IMO. That being said, you can't change the teachers actions, only yours. Study, study, study especially the kidney, and heart.

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    Oh no, I'm not saying that all! I am saying a basic understanding of Anatomy is sufficient. We get more in depth with physiology when learning about the different body systems, it makes it easier to learn when you know the basic functions of the organs and you can see the whole picture. I was definitely not implying that anatomy was more important, it most certainly is not.
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    The class that was most beneficial before nursing school, for me, was pathophysiology. A&P I & II laid the foundation but pathophys really brought it all into focus for me. See if there is a pathophys class offered in the summer, you won't regret it! And congrats on your acceptance into nursing school!
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    Quote from melseal
    we have a word bank for the test and don't get in to very much depth at all. i could pass it without even looking over it before the test. i've made 100's on every single test and don't even stay for the entire lab times, much less study any extra.
    [color=#2f4f4f]i would've done better if our instructor had used a word bank in a&p 101 (i'm at ivy tech). she would have pictures on the overhead, and we'd have to name the parts from memory (basically). at this time in my life, unless me memory gets better (lol), i'm not too keen on fill-in-the blanks. i bought a bottle of gingko biloba @ kroger yesterday; it was buy one, get one free. it won't hurt, and it'll be great if i start to see positive results from it.
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    At my school A&P was more of a weeding out class, you needed to get an A in both 1 &2 to make it into the program. The class was pretty intense. For an example when we had the GI track, our teacher gave us slides of the microscopic structures of the intestine on a test and we had to identify if it was the colon, ilium, jejunum, or duodenum.
    Nursing school wise, I would probably say its not a super biggest deal. No one is going to ask you what the tunica media is. Most a&p only comes into play in Med surg and assessment you do in lab and this is pretty basic. Such as knowing where to find the radial and biracial arteries when taking vitals or what happens the heart if K+ fall out of its narrow 3.5-5 range.
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    Important concept to remember - ALL adult learning is self-learning. Instructors guide, but you have to adjust the teaching strategies to suit your own style. So if the instructor talk, and you are not an audio learner, WRITE what is being said. You have to read a lot then get with others to talk about what was read. Find other teaching tools and teach yourself. That is why online programs work well with adults, because they learn when and where they are ready to learn. Have you tried a Grey's Anatomy coloring book? Not related to TV of course but helps with A&P

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