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Auscultation S2 split VS S3

  1. 0 I am just a simple nursing student thinking how would I tell just by auscultation whether the extra sound I am hearing is S2 split heart sound or S3 heart sound.
    Any help/suggestions/tips will be greatly appreciated

    PS: This is my first thread in one year. Really looking forward to the replies
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    I suggest you Google heart sounds and listen to them over and over again. Some heart sounds are subtle and you have to pay a lot of attention. Low grade murmurs are especially difficult to auscultate sometimes.

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    Do you have an iPhone? Search for the app Heart Murmurs Pro. It is $2.99, but it contains sound clips of heart sounds and murmurs and includes information on their etiologies, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, physical examination, diagnostic evaluation and treatment. You can create favorites and quiz yourself, too.
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    Aha! that app is perfect. Thank you so much
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    Thank you. I googled it and found copious amount of sounds!!!
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    copious makes me think of mucous! Hehe