ATI and Medspub

  1. Has anyone out there had any experience with AIT and Medspub? In your opinion is it redundant to use both or do they work well together?

    Any input is greatly appreciated as we are likely going to be using both and it seems like only one would be necessary.

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  3. by   SMS80
    at my school we have access to both. i've used ati a lot more then medspub. ati's questions seem to be more difficult than medspub and from what i've heard more nclex like. i have looked at the dose-cal questions on medspub and they are a joke when compared to what i get tested on.

    hope this helps.
  4. by   mdjacobsen
    We do meds pub and I don't think it is easy at all. You should do the pharmacology exams. Hard core
  5. by   Jinx500
    We use MedsPub at my school. The questions are nothing like the ones we are given on exams. But... I like to see the rationales - it helps solidify the information in my head.

    One thing most students in my class overlook... are the cd's that come with your textbooks. They are a great resource... something new to look at when you get tired of looking at Medspub and your notes!

    Good luck.
  6. by   Nursetastic
    Some of the CD's are very helpful, others not so much. But I've also found that many of my textbooks have supplements online at

    I use the website frequently to print out supplemental notes and to do quizzes and other learning activites. All you have to do is enter the primary author of the text and select the correct book. It's easy and its free. If you look at the front or spine of your text it will have the Evolve insignia on it if the book is available on the website.

    We are still using ATI this semester but my school has discontinued medspub. I'm still on the fence about which I prefer. I just want as many useful resources as possible!
  7. by   ZooMommyRN
    we used meds pub for the last year of school and I found it too easy compared to other review programs and vastly different from the actual NCLEX. The closest review program to the real thing I have found is Pearson's Exam Cram NCLEX-RN with CD, I haven't seen a recent Saunder's tho so they could be very close as well, I got permission from my instructors to use my Pearson CD as NCLEX time instead of meds pub.