Are there cliques in your nursing program? - page 2

I just graduated from RN school and don't feel like keeping in touch with my classmates. I didn't like how there were so many cliques and people talked about each other and such. I hated the drama,... Read More

  1. by   SonOfStBenedict
    there aren't cliques per say but there are subgroups i.e. the guys, the smokers, younger students, students with kids, your clinical group, commuters from louisiana & those of us who took previous courses together. however these overlap so everyone generally ends up talking to one another and being cordial, granted there are 1 or 2 that majority of the class avoids or just tolerates, i dont see it as cliquey as a whole. but with that being said, mild drama will arise from time to time but that's just the norm when you get a group of people from different cohorts, cultures ect. together. for the most part we see it as we're all at in the same race and we need to help each other to the finish line, if need be, so not at least enjoy each other getting there.
  2. by   Morainey
    We had some clique-y types, usually it was whichever clinical group you were with first semester, you all bonded. Sometimes people knew each other from pre-reqs and stuff. There was gossip but I don't get involved in that kind of stuff.
  3. by   mercy7889
    Amen. Where there are groups of women, there will be TONS of drama and cliques. I'm learning to be friendly with everyone and just focus on school. Sometimes when you get wrapped in a group you can get warped in the negativity-it hinders on your academic success. Be kind. Focus on the degree. The friends will naturally come during the program.