Appropriate way to Check off Bed Baths (Fundamentals)

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    Hello Nursing friends

    I have a question - my classmates and I went into our practice lab tonight and our professor told us that in order to practice bed baths, we had to be in bathing suits, bring our own towels, soap, etc etc. We all were completely thrown off guard because number 1- she never told us although she swore she did 2- I find it almost unethical to be bathing a classmate. Many of us are very uncomfortable with this and luckily we have two instructors so many of us will check off the skill with her in clinical.

    What do you think of this? I know many skills are practiced on a classmate - I am a respiratory therapist so I know we practiced skills on one another when appropriate. I find this really not appropriate. My question is, is this normal? Is this something that we should speak up about or just accept?

    Thanks for the input..

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  2. Poll: Is it wrong to have classmates check of bed baths on each other in bathing suits?

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      61.54% 16
    • No

      38.46% 10
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    Ive taken the CNA course and Im in my 3rd semester of my BSN and Ive NEVER heard a teacher tell the students to "pretend bathe", with bathing suits, each other. Thats crazy, well at least in my opinion
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    Thats what I thought! It completely crosses the line.
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    I've heard of it done in bathing suits or shorts and tank top. There are few old school programs that do this because they want the student to remember privacy because they remember how vulnerable they felt during their bath.
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    This is an issue I feel very strongly about, and I'm from an epoch when this was very common. You'll hear a variety of reasons why this is a good thing. The good things have little to do with the mechanics of giving a bed bath, such as promoting bonding w/classmates and gaining empathy as a result of "feeling what it's like to be the patient".

    Some people will tell those with a history of abuse or skin conditions or scars to "get over themselves" or that they can opt out. Opting out is not a solution because people will then wonder why, an unfair position to put someone in for no real gain. Anyway you can probably relate to some of the students posting about this in the past with opinions running in the hundreds both pro and con.

    Nursing school: Bizarre practice in learning to bed bath..

    Bathing Classmates and Other Personal Boundaries?
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    thanks for posting those links - helpful!
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    I think it might be a little weird if I had to be completely naked and the whole class could see me. If its just a few others and I have on a swimsuit then I can't imagine how that could be uncomfortable?!? If you went on vacation to Hawaii would you not lay on the beach in front of everyone there in a swimsuit?
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    Well, laying on a beach in front of friends is one thing..being touched and bathed by a classmate is a different story.
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    This seems odd to me too, we just pretended on the dummies.
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    We knew going in that we'd have to bathe each other. We are also giving each other injections (saline) & lifting each other & our doctors had to sign off on all of that during our physical before school started. Thankfully we need to wear shorts & a tank top, I'd definitely not be comfortable in a bathing suit.

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