Anyone who had chemistry over the summer, please read

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    I am thinking of taking a general chemistry course (chemistry 30a) over the summer. I wanted to know: 1. How was the course for you? 2. Did you pass or fail? 3. What made it easier for you to learn science at a fast paced? Any information would be really helpful. Thanks

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    I took chemistry, plus algebra and a running class 2 summers ago. The thing I LOVED about it was that, due to the fast pace, I couldn't forget anything from the beginning of class. Less studying for the final. I got an A, and think it was a great way to get through chemistry.
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    @rubato Now that you said that, I actually look forward to the fast pace, especially not having to review material before the final. I was a little skeptical but I have taken a math course during the summer which wasn't bad at all. Thanks for the response.
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