Anyone here Accepted for NMU's BSN program for Fall '10 or already in

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    I know this is a little known school, but I was just accepted for Northern Michigan University's BSN program. Is anyone else on here a student there - besides my friend Hypersaurus SN
    I'm so excited to have "graduated" from posting on the pre-nursing forum to the student nurse forum lol.

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    The friend I told you about got her acceptance letter today. I sent her to the site where you got your stethoscope. :P
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    Awesome! Congrats to her!
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    I plan on attending northern in fall 2011 and will have most of my prereq's completed. Could you please give me stats for your acceptance into the nursing program?
    Thanks in advance,
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    Hypersaurus SN - my fellow NMU nursing student - gave you excellent, concise info about NMU. Everything she said is correct. Assuming most of your pre-reqs are done, and you only have a year's worth of pre-reqs left it works like this:

    1st semester: Go to NMU for a required 12 credits, before you apply to the nursing program. During this semester is when everything is riding on your getting a solid GPA (ideally a 3.4 or above) and this is the only GPA the school of nursing will be looking at. Prepare to work hard and do well in this semester.
    2nd semester: Now you are eligible to apply. Your 12 credits have been completed. Apply straight away to the nursing school. Don't wait and risk missing some critical deadline. This is the last semester you will be allowed to take pre-reqs - yes they do let you have your last pre-reqs be "in progress" a semester before the program starts, but you have to be done with your pre-reqs after that semester.
    3rd semester: Ideally, in the previous semester (at the end of your 1st year at NMU) you received your acceptance letter, and you are now in your 1st year of nursing school. This is where I am currently.

    So basically its a year before you start nursing school, and a semester before you apply. Your 1st semester is critical to your getting in - it is the GPA they will be looking at. Your second semester is when you have your very last pre-req classes, if you have any left. It is also when you should receive your nursing school acceptance letter, assuming everything works according to plan.

    You asked about my stats: I came from a college in my home state of WA that was rigorous and near impossible to gain entrance to it's school of nursing. Hence I came to NMU with a work ethic and determination equal to the previous pressure I was under at my old college. In hindsight I could have relaxed a little, but the idea that a single semester's GPA would determine my entrance to nursing school lit a fire under me so to speak lol. So I got into the program with a 4.0. I am now in my 1st semester of nursing school and doing well so far, but I know that it only gets harder from here. But its such a relief to be in!!!

    If you want a fairly sure bet you'll get into N.S. and your willing to work reasonably hard to make it happen, come up here and make your dream come true Best of luck and feel free to ask more Qs.
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    Thank you very much for all the wonderful information! I plan on taking a trip to Marquette after my spring semester and will be moving there in early August. Do you have any suggestions on where I might find a decently priced (I pay for all my schooling, bills, etc. myself) place to live? I will be 23 in Feb.(so I am passed my partying stage) and have a medium sized (very well behaved) dog. I have looked at quite a bit online and ran across Sawyer village, which seems to be 20 min from campus (I don't really mind the commute), but I would rather have something closer. I have also heard that Sawyer is kind of a dump, but then again I read forums online that say compared to the city it is nothing. My dog seems to be the problem, so if you know of any pet friendly places could you please let me know? I am trying to compose a list of places so I can visit all of them and hopefully sign a lease after my spring semester for fall.
    Thank you again,
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    Yeah, Sawyer is a bit...gang infested...sort of. If you don't mind the commute, I'd recommend looking into housing in Negaunee or Ishepeming. Negaunee is 15 minutes outside of Mqt, and Ishpeming 20 minutes. But they are on the main highway, so it's a straight shot. Rent is pretty cheap and they are more cooperative with pets than in the actual city of Marquette.
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    Your could look at the Ridgeview apt.'s in Marquette. The pros with them are: Nice, reasonably quiet, and not too far from campus. The cons are: rather expensive, and they only allow dogs up to a certain size, and you would have to pay at pet fee. I live in the Ridgeview apt.'s and I like them a lot, my only problem is the distance since I don't have a car. But if you have a car, the distance is nothing and I would look into them. Another nice thing is that quite a few nursing students tend to live in them, so you may have classmates next door! A few other places in Marquette I have heard of: Tourville apt.'s (they have two complexes), Cedarville Townhomes which are owned by Curren Co., other apt. complexes owned by Curren Co. (I have heard mixed reviews for these people), and - word of warning - the horridly, terribly, dumpy Olympia Apt.'s (took a tour of those I'll never forget lol). There are many other apt. complexes I can't think of the names of, you just have to drive all over Marquette and you will see them. Good luck
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    I was going to say, Maria, your apartment is rather expensive for the average student trying to get by on loans. Even with a roomie, it's still a bit more than other places.
    As far as rooming, you might not even want to try the apt complexes (Tourville doesn't really allow for students and is even more expensive than Ridgeview). Not many complexes will be pet friendly.

    Michigan Housing Locator - Rental Apartments, Affordable, Subsidized, Accessible, Senior and More

    Marquette, with the dogs allowed option
    Dog Friendly Apartments - Michigan Housing Locator by MSHDA

    Negaunee, with the dogs allowed option
    Dog Friendly Apartments - Michigan Housing Locator by MSHDA

    Ishpeming, with the dogs allowed option
    Dog Friendly Apartments - Michigan Housing Locator by MSHDA
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    You can play with the options and call the different numbers. Some, that aren't specified as pet friendly actually are, especially if you sound like you're somewhat responsible.

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