Any other students caught up in this H&R block, form 8863 fiasco? - page 2

I could seriously scream. I filed my taxes through H&R block on January 22nd! Still no resolution in sight. When I use the where's my refund, it changed in the last couple of days to them not... Read More

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    Glad you got yours. We are still waiting.

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    Yep yep, I have been having issues as well. I'm done with school now and working as an RN, but it's annoying not knowing when the money's coming, especially since I filed January 30th.
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    Don't even get me started.... I will NEVER file with HR Block again. My advice: call the IRS directly with questions. I was told by HRB that since I had student credits that it an internal glitch with the IRS happened and that I would be getting a letter from them asking me to send them some documents (mind you this was one month after I filed and was promised a two week return) .you better believed called the IRS and guess what they said "no such thing"
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    I'm still is the first day I can order my transcripts. Atleast my fin-aid and scholrships will get rolling soon.

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