Any other soon to be Seniors?!?! Any other soon to be Seniors?!?! | allnurses

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Any other soon to be Seniors?!?!

  1. 0 Hey everyone!
    I am currently a junior in a BSN program and I have just finished picking classes for my senior year!!! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by and I cannot believe that within a year I will be getting ready to sit for my NCLEX!
    It has been a long and hard journey for me and its hard to imagine that this chapter in my life is quickly coming to a close. Anyone else excited/nervous for their senior year and the NCLEX?!
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    Me me me!

    I can't believe it. They say nursing school flies by, but I didn't believe them. MAN, does it do fast.

    I feel like next time I blink, I'll be at pinning!