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I have encontered many posts on the pre-nursing student and general nursing student pages that include extreme anxiety over the fear of mutilating, killing, or causing harm to their patients. Many posts include phrases such as... Read More

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    Just go in to your patient room and do what you have learned/been taught. Just make sure patient safety comes first. I am in med surg right now and I have a little anxiety because I don't know before hand what type of patient I am going to have, but when I get in the room I tell myself do what is best for the patient and I am surprised at myself sometimes because I can recall and think like a nurse.

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    I am currently a PCA on a med-surg floor and I think it will give me a bit of an upperhand as opposed to my classmates. I initially chose to become a PCA because I wanted to make positively sure that this was the right track for me. This is a career change from paralegal work and because I disliked that so much I wanted to make sure that nursing is the career for me.

    I have only been a PCA on the floor for several weeks now but I am learning so much from my fellow PCAs as well as the nurses. All the nurses know that I am in school for my BSN and are so (thankfully) helpful and let me watch/help them insert IVs, administer medications, make nursing diagnoses, etc. I still have anxiety about a career in nursing, but as GrnTea put it, if you don't have that pang of anxiety before starting your work day it wouldn't be the same. Luckily for me, this anxiety is lessened because every time I have a general question about something that happened in clinical, lecture or lab and I don't get a chance to ask my professor/preceptor, I do have that chance at work to ask the nurses. It is a blessing to have such helpful co-workers who want you to succeed!
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    I also have to agree that it is frequently the healthcare professional (MD, RN, CNA) who becomes too comfortable are the ones who end up making little mistakes with huge consequences. For example, the other day an otherwise healthy patient on a med surg floor who was ready to be discharged had to be sent to the ICU for about 24 hours because the nurse attempted to administer a unit dose of DVT prophlaxis heparin, and instead drew up a full syringe of insulin and administered 100 units (of I believe NPH) subq, rather than heparin.

    Little mistake and a huge consequence.

    I never forget how easy it is.
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    When I went back to school as a LPN in a RN program, I STILL had some form of anxiety. I was upfront and honest with my classmates about that, we found talking about it I guess therapeutic . I tried at least in clinicals, you have an opportunity to share a bond, and most of the time, the "I'm nervous" meetings that first day of clinical, made a better clinical experience, IMHO.

    I find that "anxiety" keeps me alert, my critical thinking skills turned up, and a reminder to "be aware". I think anxiety is only a bad thing if it effects you so much that you are so upset that you can't think straight, AND you don't ask for help. And best believe as a new grad with significant healthcare experience, I will STILL have that anxiety-I start a new job Monday, and I had GI upset in Wednesday...I knew I was super nervous. I had talked to my fellow colleagues and they gave me a lot of encouragement, but so did GrnTea...hope that "good anxiety" never fades!
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    Quote from SleeepyRN
    GrnTea:I wish you would show this side of yourself more often I'll be honest, I'm often off put by your posts. On the other hand, I have read many many of them helping nursing students, new grads, and lending support to peers. Cheers to this post and the many that are like it.
    Thanks for noticing. Just shows ta go ya, as my dad used to say. Even us old folks are still... nurses.
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    Thanks for posting. This was the perfect thing for me to read right now. Felt like I just got a big pat on the back before walking into my first nursing job.

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