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I go to school out in las Vegas & I was told by one of our "high ups" that if we wanna get the B average rule changed we needed to get all the schools together to rally against it. We need to get all the students to sign a... Read More

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    80% is passing in my program along with most of the many nursing schools around me. I know theirs because of family or friends that went there. 79.5% =failing

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    I must say when I posted this when they first made the change and I was extremely upset by it even thought my grades had never fallen below a 85% however I know must say after a while I must agree with you all that I think setting the bar higher wAs better because it got the people out who didn't necessarily belong or put the time and effort into their studying.
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    Your first clue that you might get screwed over is that your school is charging $50K for an associates degree. An associates degree should cost $3K-$15K.

    Raw percentages mean little. A 90% in one program might be the equivalent of a 75% in another program. It depends how hard the questions are. It is likely your school is keeping a high percentage cutoff in order to ensure students pay their tuition but are unable to sit for NCLEX because they want to keep their pass rates high enough that their state BON doesn't revoke the schools accreditation. That is the problem with choosing a for-profit institution.

    Work hard enough to meet their standards so that you don't end up in debt with no degree. I just hope your program gets you clinical in acute care settings because around here plenty of for-profit grads cannot get jobs because they did most or all of their clinicals in LTC, LTAC, and outpatient clinics.
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    Ya it defiantly is a lot of money, but yes we are in a actual hospital setting doing clinical so that's a positive.

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