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  1. Hello everyone
    I am in my last semester in nursing, I am mid thirties and my work history is terrible, I do not want to list any of my past jobs. The last jobs were a few months ago: first one was at a hospital last a month due to poor grades, second at a nursing home hours were awful and grades dropped fast lasted 2 months. Before these jobs the last time I worked was in 07.. I applied to a hospital electronically to a well known hospital that I REALLY want to work at but no response and it's been two months. Should I send a cover letter and If so how do I explain my situation?
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  3. by   Morganalefey
    Hey there!
    When I graduated nursing school, I hadn't worked in nearly 4 years. I had quit working to be home w/my little ones and to go back to school. I simply put on my resume when my last job was (which was 07) and explained on the application and in the interviews why there was such a long gap in my work history.
    Personally, I would not put a place that I worked one month on my resume.
    Good luck.
  4. by   studentrnnurse
    I do not want to list any of them, but they want a previous employer to contact eeck.
  5. by   MrChicagoRN
    How was your work Hx prior to '08? List that, even if not relevant to nursing. And consider listing the two ST jobs, as they do provide brief, relevant history. Nothing wrong with saying you quit because you needed to focus on your studies.
  6. by   Lanesmama
    if you leave something out and they asked for a full work history, you didn't provide it so in the trash you go. Resume doesn't need full history but app does. You are better off to list them and explain. If you are unsure, call an HR dept anonymously and ask questions- I've done it, most are more than willing to help!

    I'm going out on a limb here but you seem like you are trying to justify to the world about your crappy work history. Ok, so it's crappy. You know that. So instead of whining about it and trying to get ppl to believe you, some advise is to FIX it. You probably aren't going to get your dream job first time around. But is there hope? Of course... it's just going to take some dedication. Find a job you can stand. And work there putting in 150% So then when you apply for your dream job, they can see you are trying. Also, if you were fired from some place because for example, you aren't organized, then take a class on organizational skills... then you can tell them what you did wrong and how you have since learned.

    Good luck!7
  7. by   studentrnnurse
    That is why I posted... to ask for advise on how to fix it!! Like I said no one WILL hire with my work history, so how do you fix it???
  8. by   CP2013
    Quote from studentrnnurse
    That is why I posted... to ask for advise on how to fix it!! Like I said no one WILL hire with my work history, so how do you fix it???
    The PP answered you regarding on how to fix it. Keep applying to jobs even if its not a place you feel is your dream job. You keep applying until you get a solid job and then put in a good 1-2 years before transferring so you don't look like a job hopper without any sense of stability.

    The time to explain your short term employment is during your interview. A cover letter is about your strengths not your weaknesses (grades, etc).