Advice on Nursing Schools in the South

  1. Hello all! I currently live in Washington state and think I would really like to relocate to the South. I'm in my 20s, have lived here my whole life and am looking for a change. I have visited the South before and love it for many reasons, including the weather, the people, and the overall feel of the cities and towns. Anyway, I am starting nursing school applications and am feeling a little overwhelmed...I have narrowed it down to applying to schools in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. I would really appreciate any advice or direction from anyone who lives in or has attended school in any of these states. I already have a bachelor's degree in business and am looking at BSN, ABSN and entry-level MSN programs (currently in the middle of my pre-reqs). I plan to also apply to Washington schools in case. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   KatieJ91
    Hi! I live in WA state, but moved here from SC. I have quite a few friends from high school that have graduated for USC's or Greenvile Technical College's nursing programs. I am unsure of price, but those are 2 that you can look at. Also, don't know if you are single but the Greenville, SC area is a great place to date, be single, or be a married couple. Tons to do inside and outside! I would go back if I could convince hubby
  4. by   sweetie_pie
    Yes, I am single haha Thank you so much for your input! I really appreciate the advice and will be sure to check out those schools.
  5. by   Katie71275
    I live in the northern part of Louisiana. I attend Louisiana Tech which is an ADN program. I also have a prev bachelor's degree. Tech is a great's hard, but I love it!
    ULM(in Monroe) is a BSN program and also very good from what I have heard.
    Just so you know, Louisiana, Mississippi, and several other Southern's a different life...things move slower here, meaning education/healthcare in the rural areas tend to be a bit behind bigger cities...not necessarily a bad thing, just different. Also if you don't have allergies will lol
  6. by   sweetie_pie
    Thank you Katie! Your message was very helpful I was wondering about the healthcare in the more rural areas...and I saw that Mississippi has one of the lowest salaries in the country for RNs, so maybe that one is not the best choice! I do have allergies haha but I think I could manage. I really appreciate your advice!!
  7. by   mwc1230
    I'm in Louisiana as well!
    Louisiana College has ABSN.
    Northwestern State University in Natchitoches has ADN, BSN and MSN.