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Alright I have been on days now for about 3 months and have had a nursing student placed with me more often than not. I have a different one every day for the last 3 days. I work in peds heme onc and I absolutely love it. I enjoy... Read More

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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    I think this is great advice for nursing students in general about etiquette and appropriate behavior that will only serve to improve your experience!
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    Thank you for great advice!
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    Thank you very much for this! This was very helpful information!
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    Thank you for sharing your advice! I start my program next month, so I will be sure to keep all of those in mind. I can't image trying to study during clinicals.

    Pediatric oncology is my goal after graduation, so I hope you keep contributing here on AN! It is always nice to hear tips from people who already working in that area.
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    Thank you for the insight I don't see it as ranting just real life expectations.
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    There are definitely some "teachable moments" when working with students in the presence of a patient. Any many times the patient (or parent) is quite willing to turn the care into a bit of a teaching session. But there are some students who can't turn off "student mode" and forget basic social cues when in the presence of patients. I'm talking things like "Wow! I've never seen a wound THAT big before!" or "Is it always that smelly?."
    And I agree that any student on a clinical who is sitting at a nurse's station reading is doing it wrong!
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    Articles merged and moved to General Nursing Student for more response.
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    Thanks so much for your advice! I found your last bullet point about having positive interactions with the children most helpful. I start my peds rotation later this semester. I have almost zero experience with children, so I have absolutely no idea what to expect. At the very least, I'm sure it will be quite a learning experience!
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    Thanks for all the positive responses! I just want any nursing student to have a positive experience. And thank you esme12 for suggesting that I turn this in as an article. I tried to PM you back but I don't have the required 15 posts yet.
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    Thanks for the tips and advice! I begin my peds rotation in 3 weeks and am truly looking forward to it. I love kids and have a little experience volunteering on a peds floor. I think you provided some great reminders to us nursing students that being on the floor really is an "interview" of sorts. And I also can't imagine studying on the floor... our clinical instructors would probably kill us! In all seriousness, they are pretty great at keeping us busy by volunteering us to do stuff for the nurses (which I love!). Thank you again!

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