Additional study material for Funds and Pharm...

  1. Hello - I am not doing very well in Fundamentals or Pharmacology right now and was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations on additional material to study with other than my text book.

    One thing I was looking at for Fundamentals was this - has anyone used this and found it helpful?

    Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   springchick1
    Yep, I use that book and LOVE it! I also have a Review and Rationale book for Pharm that was really helpful too. Good luck!
  4. by   BlueEyedGuy
    Yes, all those success series books are pretty good (the questions and rationale aren't always the best). I had the pharm one, and the med-surg one (for med surg and every class, I also used Lippincott's NCLEX Q&A, best question book IMO).

    Some people swear by those Review and Rationales books by Mary Ann Hogan. I never got them, because I didn't like the formatting. Also, if your school uses ATI, I don't really see the need if you have the ATI books/outlines.

    Also for PHARM, we had online modules "Pharmacology Made Easy" or something through ATI, which were really annoying, but they had extensive quizzes at the end that were pretty good.

    Also if you guys use the Pharm textbook by Lehne, the evolve website had awesome outlines, they called them key points, but they had everything I needed on it to ace the class; I printed them all double sided and made a binder. I'd highlight those (more than once, adding little mnemonics that I made up), and annotate (I also printed the powerpoints and took notes on those). I wish other books had a resource like that, I would have liked nursing school a lot more.
  5. by   stephalina6
    Thank you!