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  1. Hi. I currently have a bachelors degree in sociology and am about to go into my second semester for my adn. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to if I should try to transfer into an accelerated nursing program? I dont know which route is the best to take seeing as how I'm already in an adn program but I have been reading a lot of stuff on how bachelors degree in nursing is preferred and ppl with an adn are having difficulty finding a job. any advice would be helpful! thanks!
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  3. by   zoe92
    I would recommend to finish your program and then go for your RN-BSN. It is hard to transfer nursing credits, so if you did transfer to another nursing program you would most likely have to start from the beginning.
  4. by   akilah530
    I agree with zoe92, finish your ADN and you can complete your RN-BSN through an online program when you are done.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   Toadd35
    even if I have a bachelors degree in something else already? I wanted to get by bsn in as little time as possible because I've been hearing that adn's aren't getting hired. and I would like to get a job ASAP and think it will take longer if I finish my adn then do the rn-bsn
  6. by   zoe92
    It depends on your location. I live in a small county that still has hospitals that hire ADN. But I live in the suburbs of 2 big cities which "prefer" BSNs. So they prefer to hire new BSN grads but if they still have openings they will hire ADN nurses. At this point you should research your area (or wherever you will live as a RN) and see what the job market is like. If you really think you can not possibly get a job with an ADN then apply for admission in accelerated BSN programs.
  7. by   windsurfer8 is up to you. There will be good and bad in either decision. You must make a decision. I did ABSN 8 years ago. Glad I did it, but that doesn't mean it is correct for everyone. I would check with HR and see if the hospitals you want to work at hire ADN. Also get out a calculator and crunch numbers. Cost, time, etc. If you can get an ADN and work then you will be getting paid and can do BSN on line or whatever. However if you are dead set on BSN or need it to work at the hospitals you want to work at then maybe that makes more sense. Going on "I heard someone say" type things are worthless. When I was graduating in 2005 people even then were saying the nursing shortage wasn't real..and yet I was hired before I graduated. Get real info from dependable sources.
  8. by   Toadd35
    thank you for the help! I guess I've been reading too much into other peoples experiences of not being able to find a job after nursing school. I'll have to wait and see once I actually get my rn license