about selegeline

  1. In the eCPS, when I try to check selegeline there is nothing.
    I know it is also Eldepryl, which is listed in the eCPS, but
    the information only says: "was withdrawn in 2004".
    I know that selegeline is still used.
    I have found information about selegeline in drugdigest.com.
    Why does the eCPS say it was withdrawn?
    Why was Eldepryl withdrawn?
    I continue searching.
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  3. by   nightmare
    Both Selegeline and Eldepryl are listed as current in the BNF (British National Formulary
  4. by   JJRN09
    I was able to find it in my Nurse's Drug Guide 2008. Let me know if you need the infomation.
  5. by   GingerSue
    I think that I spelled it incorrectly: is it selegiline (not selegeline)?
    So it is in the eCPS.
    In several sources, including the eCPS, it does say that it is to be
    given morning and noon so that it won't interfere with sleep.
    When staff are giving it at around supper time - would that be
    considered a med error? Could there be a reason why it was being
    given at suppertime?
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