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  1. Hello to all nurses and future nurses out there
    I just want to share my experience throughout nursing school so far....my up's and down's, failures and heartaches, and happiness and success!

    I am 20 years old and i have a wonderful long road ahead of me... i have always dreamed of becoming a nurse since 4th grade...i remember because we had a "career project" and I chose to become a nurse...it's been my dream ever since...and i've gone through A LOT since then...lemme tell ya!
    My first job EVER in my life was a waitress at 16 years old for a summer job ...o my goodness.... i hated it... but then i thought of taking CNA classes because i thought this would help me and would get me a good base on nursing and being in the nursing world... i began working as a CNA in 2005. In 2006 I was headed off to COLLEGE, knowing that nursing would be my choice of study. Let's just say, ever since then, the road hasn't been easy. I first started off at the university doing my pre-req's and then when it came down to apply to their nursing program...i backed out. Because i felt that i had no chance of getting in since there are many that apply and only 23 get in. I also knew that if i would go to the community college in my area, i could get into the lpn program right away and graduate early gaining my experience as a nurse while the university nursing students havent gained ANY real nursing experiences yet....so, with that, i transfered over to the community college and started LPN school....i passed my 1st semester of nursing school!, but second semester was a challenge for me, it brought failure in my eyes to the verge of almost giving up, it also brought tears and heartache, gosh, it was hard...i truely felt like i was going to give up...and i almost did.
    I hated my med-surg class, and taking that with pharmacology was difficult..... after about 2 months into med-surg, i was so frusterated, into tears literally... i talked to my professor about it, but she just felt so intimidating...i was doing bad in that course and you know what she said to me? was that "maybe you have a learning disability".....do you know how much that brought me down??? so much..so so much. I'm thinking to myself, "how the heck could i have a learning disablity when in high school, i got all A's and B's, and all my pre req courses i completed i got A's,B's, and a couple C's.....and worked my butt off." Hearing that from her made me want to give up all of what i worked for over the past 2 years... I dont know, something about nursing instructors i don't get, i don't get why they are intimidating, rude, and make students feel miserable.... it aggravates me. When i was in high school, i never would of dreamed nursing school would be like this....i always pictured nurses and nursing instructors to be so kind, caring, and helpful.... Isn't that what you would think??? Anyways, i withdrew med-surg class but could still finish my pharmacology ...thank god.
    Sooooo, i called my mom bawling my eyes out saying that my career is over....we thought about me going into medical assisting and i thought about this for oh about a week. Then, one day i woke up this morning thinking: "You know what, just toughin up, you can do this and believe everything is possible....don't let one class or a professor ruin your dream" And i didn't. I wasn't going to let this be the end of my career of nursing. If i truely want to be a nurse, i'll do what it takes, even if i have to re-take a class, even if i have to have a rude professor teach me. I am not a failure, i am a strong woman and this is my life and this is what i want to do, no one and i mean no one is gonna stop me. Well, now finals are over and done with and i got an A on my pharmacology final....so incredibly happy....and as for med surg, i'll retake that next semester. I got a C+ overall in Pharmacology. Yes, don't get my wrong, i know i could of tried harder in that class and i couldof tried harder in med surg, i really could have, but everyone learns from their mistakes and you can prove to urself that next time around, things will be different...in a good way
    Sooooo, next semester i have a new outlook on life in the college world. I WILL study my butt off for this class....my realistic goal is to get an A. I'm shootin for it And i'll be taking my second semester clinicals....which i lovvvvveeeeee. Re-taking med surg will hold me back for a couple months...i was suppose to graduate in may, but now it won't be until july. But i really dont care, as long as i'm happy, and as long as i'll be a nurse
    and well, that's my life so far. . . just thought i'd share that with you all, because i know we all have struggles in life, but you can overcome them. Believe in yourself that all things are possible
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  3. by   C. Thinking
    Thanks for sharing. I think that this is good for every nursing student. Affirmation that personal failure is not the end of the road as long as you have a passion for nursing. YOU WILL HAVE GOOD, KIND, GREAT, FABULOUS, CARING instructors!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let one bad instructor get you down. YOU WILL BE A NURSE!!