"Straight A's in Medical-Surgical Nursing" anyone use it?

  1. Is this a good book to have for MedSurg clinicals and/or theory?
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  3. by   RedSox33RN
    Ah, geez, another book I need to add to my library!!
  4. by   Catma63
    Quote from wannaBEanRN
    Ah, geez, another book I need to add to my library!!
    GASP! Someone grab her (or her wallet!) quick! She's going to break!
  5. by   RN 2005
    Alot of the students in my class have it because it was recommended as a good extra to have by our instructor. I opted to buy the lippincott's review series Medical-Surgical Nursing third edition instead. Partly because at the time I bought it, Amazon did not have the Straight A's one in stock. I think they are both good choices. I just did not like the "cartoony approach" that the Straight A's uses. I also like the review questions in the Lippincott book and it has a CD full of more NCLEX style questions.