youtube videos relevant to nursing?

  1. I just wasted half an hour searching youtube for cool, interesting, good, and educational, videos about nursing, nurses, and the medical field etc.

    After having to sort through all the sex related "hot nurse" options and such, I thought I'd better consult my fellow members for some decent links...

    Please post links to your favorite youtube selections that are relevant to nursing, and I will forever be in your debt. :heartbeat


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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Are you intersted in any particular nursing topics?

    Is this for an assignment?
  4. by   waterlily777
    I wish it was for an assignment, that would mean I am actually in nursing school, but I am just an RN hopeful for now...

    No particular topic, even though I have a sweet spot for emergency nursing... I am looking for videos that are a window into the real world of nursing, both the science of it, technique demonstrations, day to day duties, nursing "issues", etc.

    Thanks for your reply!
  5. by   sleepyRN2 my all time favorite youtube nursing instructional video, spiking and priming iv.
  6. by   SC-RN
    Hi Waterlilly this site should keep you busy...

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  8. by   Annony RN
    You'll see by my choices that I don't always take nursing to seriously. That was sooo 10 years ago, LOL.

    A bit about the heart works- or sometimes doesn't work right. He demonstrates the pumping actions that go with various EKG rythms (arms=atria, legs=ventricles)

    After you're a little familiar with differnet rythms check out this one (and be sure to see it again when you learn EKGs in school, you'll really appreciate the brilliant humour!) One of my all time favourites!

    For the ER nurses-

    I LOVE the amateur transplants! especially-
    Anaesthetists Hymn-
    and The Drugs Song- (a whole pharm course in under 2 minutes- and ortho and OR nurses will love the end!) *warning contains one naughty word at the end!* check out some of their other medical videos
  9. by   CirculatorRN
    Strugglingnurse that is too cool I forgot about that. I circulated a case on that site that will show on July 30th. I work at the Medical College of Georgia, we have 1 of only a handful of ENT surgeons that perform minimally invasive thyroidectomies.
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    This person has 15 videos, including male cath, female cath, and injections.