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You sit through 3 red lights before you realize the car in front of you is broken down, and not just stopped at the light. oops.... Read More

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    Quote from EquestrianRN

    I have finally, somehow, managed to sign the form, and she has handed me the package, and I suddenly begin, like a truly-mad-person, calling out to the backside of the mail-lady, as she rapidly descends my driveway..."Um, miss? I'm sorry! It's just that I'm a NURSE! (Yah, she's gonna buy THAT!) Um, I work NIGHTS?? ...You know...Like, I just woke up when I heard the doorbell...It's my "nighttime" is all--it isn't like I'm a crackhead sitting at home all day!" (Which at this point is SURELY doing a WHOLE lot to reassure her of the fact that I am mentally "intact") So many crackheads sitting at home all day are readily admitting to such, right? Thus, making my commentary that much more believable...I have just sunk to a loooow level... Why must I find this situation SO aggravating and embarrasing! Just CLOSE the DOOR and go BACK to BED...This is my mantra...tends not to work so well ...

    And me being, well, ME...I have approximately NINE additional, similar "scenarios" I can share anytime, as I am sure you all do as well! But darn it if I wouldn't give up my night shifts nonetheless...15 years and counting! AND my husband, my mother, my friends, my riding trainer (horses)...everyone would no doubt PAY me at this point to work day shift, just to make THEIR lives generally "easier"!...but my staff on nights is my family, and I love the's where ALL the GOOD STUFF HAPPENS!! Nope, I am a NIGHT NURSE TO STAY!
    You literally just made me laugh out loud!!! How true is this?! I'm not sure why I care if people think I'm home drinking in my pajamas all day but it always seems like some type of explanation is needed! Thanks for the good laugh and for sticking with the night shift!
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    I love this thread!! I worked nights full time for a year. Congrats to the ones who have done it even longer!! I remember having to smack my face, letting the windows down, turning the radio up loud and singing loudly to try to stay up to make the 45 to 50 min drive home.
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    Quote from SpecialK38
    you can dance "gangham style" in the nurses station and not get in trouble for it......
    that is my favorite!! We have so much fun on the night shift ))))))
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    Quote from rikkitikki
    Haha definitely do that. But apparently not all the time. Once my sister called during the day and I thought the conversation sounded like this:
    "Hey, what's up?
    "Yeah, what's up?"
    "I said hi! What do you need!"
    She told me later that, instead of saying, you know, words, I was just groaning like Frankenstein's monster. So it was more like:
    I spit out my soup when I read that- LOL
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    You are called at all hours of the day to pick up shifts!

    If I haven't slept yet and I answer the call, I can't come to work in the next 4 hours. If I worked last night I'll be asleep when you call. I'm all for picking up the occasional shift, just give me some notice!
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    Quote from SpecialK38
    you can dance "gangham style" in the nurses station and not get in trouble for it......
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    You occasionally find yourself stopped at a big red thing waiting for it to turn green... Until you eventually realise that "red thing" is a STOP sign and prooooooobably won't be changing color any time soon. :\
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    Gosh, I wish I could do that. It seems pretty impossible. To, like, totally turn the radio up from 10 to eleven. My fave song: "Spirit of Radio," Rush.
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    Quote from marycarney
    ....when, after three decades on the night shift, every phone conversations with your relatives starts out with the obligatory "I'm not waking you up, am I?" (they've all experienced my 3am call 'just to chat' - it keeps them honest!)...
    Did this to hubby. He asks me to help with yardwork at 10-11am. I said "Fine, but I am going to get you up to mow the lawn at 0230am so you know how I feel about it."

    He never made that mistake again.
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    hiddencatRN, what is "gangham style?"

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