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Hi. I have worked as a nurse for 17 years (long term care, psych, med-surg,oncology, hospice, cardiac stepdown) and think am officially burnt out. I first suspected I was starting to burn out (gradually) 2 years ago but managed... Read More

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    I've only been a nurse for 2 years, and I notice burnout setting in. I travel frequently, but even this is not helping my mindset when I return to work. Like you, I have been soul searching, actually making lists, and putting a plan in motion. Nursing in and of itself is not the issue. The politics, endless documentation and unsafe ratios is. I've also considered returning to school for a totally unrelated degree. Good luck to you, whatever you choose!
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    If I had the money to take off work for a year, I would do it in a heartbeat! I think it will you wonders for you, I say go for it.
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    I have learned that life is too short to put big dreams on the backburner. Surely you too have seen the people who died with a whole bucket full of dreams they wished they had done.
    You have your finances in order, you are not be irresponsible...go for it!
    Best of luck
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    Yes, I understand... I went through the exact same thing, except I was working in Spec. Ed.
    I dragged it on for almost two more years and finally moved on to something new (learning center) 3rd-6th grade. It was the best thing for me while wanting to go back to school for now nursing... We have a new teacher this year at the school teaching K-1st and she used to be a nurse of 15 years! Hey, whatever works! You know your body, when that hits the wall... It's time to step back and rethink our "passions," or maybe some new ones?

    Take Care & Good for you!

    All will be well.
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    I just have one question: Can I come? LoL. I say go for it, enjoy and rejuvenate for whatever lies ahead. Good luck!
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    DO IT!!! And then maybe you'll find that your burning passion is making enough money to do it again in 2 years, which is fine! Life is too short, don't let any dream go unrealized when you have the ability to do it...
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    Im only a four year nurse and have been wanting out of nursing since I became a nurse. Its not what I thought it was, I don't handle the stress well. I internalize everything, doubt my ability, fear making mistakes, dread going to work daily. My co-workers are wonderful and supportive. They tell me Im a great nurse who cares and is agressive and teachable. I dont know if its a rut, a little depression. I usually change jobs and I have been with this homecare agency for awhile, so maybe its itchy feet. I dont know.
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    If you have the finances to sustain yourself then enjoy the adventure. No shame in nurturing you. I am 20+ yrs and have followed a very similar path to yours. I have experienced 3 burn outs. Today, I work in cardiac rehab. It has none of the glamour but I am no longer exhausted and I do feel happy. Enjoy that you have time to rediscover yourself. Let your hearts desire speak. Give yourself the freedom to let go and honor your own heart .Your journey, will show itself as you unwind. If it tells you to return to nursing then you had one great "stella got her groove back " adventure while learning.If you discover a greater path instead,how lucky are you! Enjoy.I hope you have THE best vacation ever......kick your heels up and shout!!!
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    After doing clinic nursing for 5 years for a non-profit serving homeless patients, and 5 years before that working as an EMT while I was in nursing school, I crashed and burned early last year. I hit the wall.

    I took 6 months off. I really had about 3 months of expenses saved and put the other three on a credit card (not recommended but ya do what ya gotta do). BEST decision I ever made. I didn't travel, but exercised, slept, read, organized my life, had fun, rested and relaxed, and was able to clear my head enough to carefully plan what was next. DO IT. You will not regret it.
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    Thank you so much everyone for reading my post and taking the time to write your very helpful responses. I am going for it then!
    Start the new year right:-) on to navigating COBRA and all the other nitty gritty details. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving!
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