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Writing a Bio?

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    I have to write a bio for my new grad job which is going to go out to the preceptor group. What should I write in it and how long? There were not any guidelines other than a bio and your picture if we would like. Has anyone written one before for something like this? What is expected?

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    I've put these together before, although not in the healthcare industry. What they are probably looking for is a few simple sentences like this:

    "Jane Doe received her BSN degree from SUNY Stonybrook in June of 2011. She will be joining our team on the 8 East Medical-Surgical Unit as a full-time 7pm-7am RN. While Jane's main passion is nursing, on her off days she enjoys hiking and playing softball. Her long term career plans to continue her education and work on a master's degree in nursing education. She looks forward to joining the 8 East Team and getting to know both the staff and patients."
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    Excellent example, 33762FL!
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    I agree with the first poster. Keep in short, sweet, professional, and to the point. Good luck on the new job! congrats!
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    Search for a guidelines in Google a lot of idea you can get from it on how to write a quality bio for you.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies.