Wound Care Certification in Miami

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    Hello.... i have question.. is there any other place but nursing unliminted.com where you can do the wound care certification. My problem is I need to do it asap and the next date they have I will not be able to attend.... Thank you ahead of time....

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    Try WoundEducators.com

    It is totally online, you self study, not too $$ since you stay home or wherever and do it. The next exam date is in April 2011, last time I checked.
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    thx..... i will check it out
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    wow the charge 700+ thats a lot
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    Sorry I did not think $700 was high
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    considering nursing unlimited has it for 100 it is ..
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    I've been thinking about doing some sort of wound educator class as well and was shocked at how EXPENSIVE woundeducators.com was!! I totally gave up that idea but maybe i'll check out the other place mentioned....thanks!!
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    Wound Educators is 40hr course that once passed allows nurse to sit for Certification in Wound care......Nursingunlimited is a 4 hr CEU class with no certification what so ever. hence the reason for price difference. Depending on what you want out of it either course has a place. If needing certification to work in wound care center or as wound care nursing in a facility , you need to pay for it, if you merely wish to have some expanded knowledge the CEU course would be fine. Most states require CEU's for renewing license. Kinda costly at $100 to get $ CEU's as you usually can get package of 25-30 for about $30.
    So it is all in what you want to accomplish.

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