With No Medical Training And Full-time Worker, Where Should I Start?

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    I Want To Know Where I Start. Whats The Best Direction I Should Go In For A Taking A Online Schooling Or Where If Any I Can Get A Online Degree In The Medical Field. Whether It Be Medical Billing And Coding OR Nursing IF They Offer That Online. Can Anyone Give Me Pointers On Good Online Schools??? Im So Lost Need Help!

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    Probably need to start out with some basic classes like English Composition, etc.
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    What's your background? If medical billing sounds interesting, then find a program that looks interesting and find out what you need to have in order to start. They should be more than willing to answer your questions.
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    Any local colleges near you? Try talking to some local college advisors about your career path goals... Many local colleges offer online courses. I'm an LPN taking some online classes at my local college right now that I hope to use towards an RN-BSN some day... Good luck!

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