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Compared to what people live with in other areas I'm almost ashamed to vent this but I gotta let it go! We had a couple of inches of snow after midnight and the temp actually rose.The roads were good... Read More

  1. by   ktwlpn
    I want to first clear up the fact that I never said anything about liking or not liking anyone.
    We have an atypical chain of command as evidenced by the fact that the heating or a/c is not adjusted without a directive from the supervisor or someone above her in admin.The fact that the supervisor goes out and smokes during the shift just proves to me that she knew the conditions in the area.So-actually where I work the supervisor IS responsible for making sure that the night shift guards are carrying out there duties.
    Whose problem will it be when we are short staffed due to injury? I have never seen conditions like the ones that are typical in this facility.I could become injured and be unable to work and I don't want to go through that,thank you very much.
    Furthermore many of us called the supervisor from the parking lot and from the floors after we arrived. I have since been told that the guards could not find the material to spread.It is clear to me that the maintenance dept. should have prepared months ago for winter weather and insured that all staff knew where to find it,it's also clear to me that the DON and Administrator are ultimatly responsible and should insure that this does not keep happening.
    If someone slips and falls on my sidewalk aren't I responsible?As a prudent homeowner I got my supplies out and put them in an accessible place in Novemeber because I actually care about the people that may use my sidewalks.