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    I personally feel that nurses in general should be paid more. If you think about it there is an extreme danger to our licenses and nurses spend the majority of the time catching some errors the doctors make, spend most of the time administering life saving drugs to patients. To put up with the bs of some mean patients. It is very rewarding to help people, but in reality, we can take only so much and want some type of decent compensation. I am going to school now to become an rn and I looked around my area for new grads pay rate at local hospitals and they start out about 24- 30 per hour. I personally think that is good for the Dallas-Fort Worth region. I think lpn's get paid around 18-20 per hour. The NP's here get paid about 35+ per hour and as usual the CRNA's make a very nice salary. I think it is all what we want in it. I sometimes have my doubts, but knowing at the end of the day when I go home and I helped save at least one life, it will be all worth while. As we all know it, life does not carry a price tag nor money value. I am noticing more and more nurses becoming burned out and I certainly hope things change for the better for all of us. I may not have my license yet but I consider myself a part of the team. I hope that is ok.

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