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Me: Mr. X I'm going to ask you some routine questions. Can you tell me what date it is today? Mr. X: It's June 21. Me: Pretty close. It's June 20. Mr. X: No, it's the 21st. You guys are more... Read More

  1. by   mustlovepoodles
    Quote from Biffbradford
    Then a doc comes along and steals your good pen. Day complete.
    Which is why I use big fat hot pink pens. And a bejeweled calculator
  2. by   hollierncrrn
    A few weeks ago had 90yo pt so excited he remembered who the president is after not being able to answer the Dr earlier in shift. He was so excited when he turned his call light on for me to tell the doc it's Clinton... then remarked he couldn't believe he forgot that "womanizer". I didn't have the heart to correct him.