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Me: Mr. X I'm going to ask you some routine questions. Can you tell me what date it is today? Mr. X: It's June 21. Me: Pretty close. It's June 20. Mr. X: No, it's the 21st. You guys are more confused than I am. The doctor... Read More

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    I had a pt awhile ago, and she said, "I'm going to dialysis tomorrow, right?" I said, "no, your orders say that you're not going until Thursday." She looked at me very oddly. She then pointed out that today was Wednesday. So, she was correct, that she was going tomorrow (I could have sworn it was Tuesday). And I work on a geriatric floor. And I'm in my 30's. Oy!
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    One of my teachers was telling us when she worked in ICU as a new RN one of her pts asked her what day it was and she said November 1. The pt was so upset, saying, "I lost a whole month!" My teacher was confused....and realized it was actually October 1....and had to go back and apologize to the patient.

    She told us this story because some students were afraid they'd make terrible nurses because they weren't "perfect."
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    Quote from grntea
    during the watergate period i had an old guy who answered the routine questions about orientation-- what's your name, do you know where you are, what day is it...he did pretty well on those, not perfect, but ok. when we asked him who the vice president was, he replied smartly, "well, it used to be that son of a ***** agnew, but i don't know who it is now." we gave him full marks for that.
    my grandmother was hospitalized about 5 years ago and was worried they'd think she had alzheimer's b/c she didn't know her room number or which street the hospital was on! she could state the name of the hospital, city, state, day, date, time...then someone asked her who the president was...she got red in the face and said, "i am not going to speak about that man! his daddy was bad enough!"
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    Quote from Biffbradford
    Then a doc comes along and steals your good pen. Day complete.
    Which is why I use big fat hot pink pens. And a bejeweled calculator
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    A few weeks ago had 90yo pt so excited he remembered who the president is after not being able to answer the Dr earlier in shift. He was so excited when he turned his call light on for me to tell the doc it's Clinton... then remarked he couldn't believe he forgot that "womanizer". I didn't have the heart to correct him.

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