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Getting ready to wrap up my 1st year of nursing and am looking on the horizon for what I might do next. I've been in med-surg, okay only since June, but still! I have learned a ton but I know I don't... Read More

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    A couple of things to add to my job....like the ER...people don't hang around (some hang around longer than others, but you know eventually they leave...)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that.......

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    This is an old post, may I ask you how do you like working for NEBH? Plz PM me if you can.

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    I totes love my job!

    Except, I'm not a nurse yet. :P
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    Love mine. Work at a kidney practice. I handle two doctors that I respect tremendously, as well as two EPO clinics. We do a lot of clinical trials in our practice and most of our patients are very complex. I also love that I work 5 min from my home and kids school, have great benefits, work mon-fri, no weekends or holidays.

    I took this job after working on a tele unit at the hospital (night shift) and it has changed my life. I was so unhappy at my last job, especially with the schedule and the hospital's lack of respect for their employees.

    And as a cherry on top, I take home about 30% more in pay each month.
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    I work nights as a staff nurse in a pediatric ICU. LOVE the job, LOVE the patients, LOVE my manager and SUPERLOVE my co-workers.

    The part I don't love is the parents who refuse to be parents. Or just don't care. I HATE trying to be civil to someone who is more than likely an abuser, while all that CPS stuff is getting sorted out.
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    I love my job! OB scrub tech.

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