Where to get Texas LVN CEU's online quickly???

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    I am an LVN in Texas and I need to quickly get my ceu's online. Can anyone recommend a good, secure, legitimate website? I tried medceu, then found out how illegit they are. I am looking into ceuprofessoronline. Does anyone have any feedback for this website? I tried navigating around medscape but I kept having issues with there site. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Here in California, there is a website "MyFreeCE where you can get accepted and approved CE units. The classs/articles are from 1-5 units each. You read the article then take the test and you can print out the cerificiate of proof afterwards. There are a wide range of subjects and they are pretty informative. It is very convienient too. I have taken all my uinits I needed for my renewal several different years in the past. This website is free through my employer, group plan, but you can also join it for $29.00/year. I hope that helps.
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    Try Medscape http://www.medscape.com/. You will need to register (free).
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    Visit the cdc.gov website and look under the MMWR section they have free continuing ed that is usually worth 1-3 hours (they don't take that long).
    here's the address
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    If you just need regular nursing CE I can recommend a site, prime cme
    They are easier than medscape

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