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I work on a large acute care pediatric unit, and have come to love my the kids, the families and my coworkers. Lately, though, an old friend of mine has been on the unit as part of her 3rd year med school surgery totation. And it... Read More

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    Quote from meyun06
    I just want to say that you should be very proud of yourself and your career because you've chosed a darn good one. Believe it or not, but there are many people who want to be in your shoes. Nurses don't get the credit and recommendation that they should. When I had my son, the nurses did all the work. The doctor came in at the last minute. My son had to stay in the hospital for jandice. While we were there, I seen the doctor once. The nurses were the ones who cared for my son. They were the ones who educated me and my son's father on his condition and progress. I think the nurses should make just as much as doctors. Nurses help many people and that's why Im going to nursing school.

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    Wonderful article! God bless you for what you are doing! At times when you feel doubtful, remember that you a special and irreplaceable part of the healthcare team. You are where you are at for a reason! :heartbeat
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    I really like the article to me our work as a nurse is a God given gift and talent so keep it up.

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