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what do you guys usually do when a male patient pulls his foley out and he is bleeding where the foley is inserted?... Read More

  1. by   Valanda
    When I was in Texas and we had male patients (generally only the confused ones) who regularly pulled out their foleys we used a method similar to a Texas cath. Foley inserted through small hole in tip of condom, foley inserted into male patient's bladder, (no balloon inflation), condom in place over penis, condom taped to foley at tip, spiraled 1/2 inch tape up the outside of the condom. It seemed to work really well. We resolved the problem of foley's coming out with the ballon intact. I have not seen this done since I left TX nearly 12 years ago, but the urologist in Houston was adamant about being sure we all knew how to do this "just right" to prevent circulation problems yet keep the catheter in place.