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I cannot provide specific details, but I did have a terrible shift last night. Not only did I page a doctor multiple times regarding a patient who was deteriorating, but I also telephoned the same... Read More

  1. by   gentlegiver
    I'm in LTC too. We are lucky, the on-call asnwers back within 15 minutes, it maybe a PA or NP but in a crunch I'll take anyone! On the rare occasions they do not call back I recall the service and let them know this is call #2 and I need a call back 15 minutes ago its urgent. The service will hunt them down & hound them at that point.

    If for some really strange reason they still do not call back in 15 mins, I ship to the ER, then consolidate notes into a huge documentation feast! Dr's don't like having it in offical records that they didn't bother to call back.
  2. by   diane227
    First of all, document each time you try to contact that physician. After you have tried a couple of times, you should contact your charge nurse or nursing supervisor. You don't say what type of facility that you work in. If this is LTC, then I would call EMS. If I were in a hospital, I would insist that the chief of staff or the administrator on call be called. I would also enlist the help of the ICU charge nurse. Most hospital are required now to have in place a rapid response team that can be called any time you feel that a patient is sick and someone needs to see them immediately. It does not matter if the doctor gets mad. He/she needs to answer their phone.
  3. by   morte
    i work agency, so it can be even stickier. Had a patient with a lower GI bleed, the doctor involved was infamous for being rude/arguementive, put a page out, no call back...think I tried twice. That was my limit, at this point patient was sitting in a puddle of blood. Sent patient out to ED. Doc calls back well after the patient was gone. I was prepared for an ear full. All I got was, "well I know we have been having trouble with the service, and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do".