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What to you think of UAP's representing themselves as RN's on social networking sites like Facebook? A pca that I work with has herself listed as a R.N. on her Facebook page. She claims she has gone to nursing school but she... Read More

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    op, i understand why this bothers, but keep this in mind:
    people who feel the need to deceive others by embellishing themselves, always represents a rock bottom self-esteem issue.
    pity them, because it really is sad.

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    As a brand new RN it offends me when people misrepresent themselves as RNs. They didn't earn the title, they shouldn't be able to use it. It is illegal for them to misrepresent themselves in a professional setting. I think it mostly just upsets me though because I JUST finished school and started my first job.
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    I don't think that people are getting worked up over nothing.

    Try being a paralegal, legal assistant, and working in a law office. Try to give a client ANYTHING THAT EVEN SMELLS OF LEGAL ADVICE!

    You will have your clocked cleaned in no time by the Bar Association.There is NO TOLERANCE of non lawyers giving legal advice. Period!

    Giving legal advice never killed anyone. Giving medical advice when you are not much more than a High school dropout, has the risk of killing someone.

    That is not getting overworked over nothing.

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
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    It bothers me when I'm a patient. I'll see someone in scrubs with no clue as to their title. When I was in premature labor , a woman came into my room with a white lab coat-she was from food service coming in to bring me my tray.One hospital where i have worked has all the RN's wear a 4" blue and white tag attached to the id card that reads in bold letters RN. You can't mistake it. The patients like it.
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    Annoying? Yes. But as long as they aren't doing it to patients its fine. Everyone who knows him/her knows that they are not an RN.

    Random, but kinda related...Has anyone seen the hangover 2?? i cracked up when Zach Galifinakis gave himself a shot in the leg cause they were going overseas. he like STABS his leg and his friend is like "oh my god!!! don't you need a registered nurse to do that?"
    Zach goes "I am a nurse. i'm just not registered yet" :-D
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    report her to the BON. This is probably illegal
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    What bothers me most about this issue is unlicensed staff giving advice (disinformation) that could be outright detrimental to the health and well being of the patient.

    Case in point, my wife called the doctor's office to find out if the harmonal medication she was on was too great a dosage and she wondered if it would be allowable for her to split the pill. MA answers an affirmative. Is this right?
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