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1. something all new doctors and nurses learn fairly quickly.. it's a universal law in hospitals... never ever EVER say "slow" in a hospital.. or "quiet"... or "calm". 2. do not ever say "I don't know what day shift was... Read More

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    Quote from nursgirl

    9. 'real world' nursing is SO not like Grey's Anatomy or ER. believe it or not, we do NOT have sex in the breakroom, in fact we are too tired from working hard to do anything but eat, pee, and sleep in the breakroom.
    Yeah, for some reason, thinking of all the germs floating around in the hospital keeps my libido in check pretty well during work. I have a hard time thinking of a LESS sexy place!

    I love your list. Spot on.
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    Nice list! This is SOOOOOO true!!
    Happy nurses´day!!!:heartbeat
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    Thanks for posting this! Still want to become a nurse!
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    good for you! seems as though you learned most of the important stuff. (see #5)
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