What is the best IV fluid flow controller for general use in the ward?

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    I have been asked to help a small New Zealand company design new type of IV fluid flow controller.
    Apparently it's quite different to a pump but it does pretty much the same in a simplified way. The device is for general ward use especially focusing on post-Op recovery and general rehydration.

    I just thought I'd list it on here to see what the rest of you think the ideal device like this would be to help make our lives easier. They want to make it real simple to use for the majority of what we do..... Any ideas anyone?????

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    I'd just like to say I hate the "SmartPump". Hate having to scan in to the memory. Half the time my card doesn't work and when it does I feel like I'm working at Safeway.
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    Well, considering the roller clamp has been around for decades...I'm going to say that.
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    Anyone remember the Dial-A-Flow? I actually didn't think they were all that bad.....
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    I can't imagine that a post-op floor wouldn't just have pumps. Is that common there?
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    Yep, I've seen them before, they were a step in the right direction but still didn't give that greater acuracy.
    The device they're working is like an automatic roller clamp, it has a digital screen and buttons...it's looks pretty cool too !!

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