What a difference a day makes!!

  1. Yesterday I was in tears, but today I can't sit still!!

    So, after being passed up again yesterday by the one hospital with med/surg positions in my area, today I have scheduled 2 interviews this week at other hospitals! Yay!! And one of them, a telemetry position about an hour away, I just applied to yesterday out of frustration & feeling at the end of my rope. The other hospital hasn't been hiring for 4-5 months, but I contacted a friend who works there yesterday, just to tell her to give me a heads up if something comes up & she let me know that they just had 2 positions open up. She not only contacted her manager for me this morning to put in a good word, but let me know that they had already pulled my application to contact me before she had even talked to them.

    Finally, I can shift into interview mode & hopefully will have good news by next week!!
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  3. by   Poi Dog
    I am happy for you!

    Good luck and let us know if you hear anything more.
  4. by   birdie22
    congrats! I got my current job because my mom literally would not stop bugging me to apply. I did it just to get her off my back (she wanted me off her couch...). I got a call for an interview about 3 weeks later and I totally forgot that I had even applied.
  5. by   RainMom
    One interview down (think it went well), one tomorrow and....just got another call earlier today for an interview at a 3rd hospital! Would love to work at the hospital I interviewed at today. It's bigger and newer than the others, BUT twice as far to drive and over into the next state meaning new license hassle/expense (not to mention a time change). I wouldn't think twice about it though if it wasn't for these next 2 interviews! Now I've gone from no prospects to potentially three in the past 2 days. As long as I get an offer from one, I'll be satisfied!
  6. by   RainMom
    Yay!!! I accepted an offer today from the 2nd hospital & position that I wanted! Orientation starts next week!

    Now...in the past 10 days, I also interviewed with 3 other hospitals (the last was just this morning before my call came). Should I call or write to say I am no longer interested, withdraw application? The others have not made an offer, but I do know that 2 of them have been checking my references....

    Should I go ahead & contact them or just wait & let them know if they contact me with an offer? What would you do? Thanks in advance!!