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Then in comes the Management team. They tear apart the way that is better for the patient's peace of mind, instead, to have a nurse become more efficient. Everything based on a number, a graph. A... Read More

  1. by   malamud69
    Ahhh...such great ideas coming from all of this. I think I could sum it all up by simply stating the facts..."This is (all of what has been said more or less) what happens when you turn healthcare into a retail business!!!" Let us not forget that we live in a capitalist society...the "true" reality to all of those that we call "managers" "bosses" or the real joke-"job creators" is that the individual human being has no worth when we are talking money...that's what we have "created" in this society!
  2. by   Labrynth
    The problem is not the hospitals. Dont gasp, let me finish. It is the government being the major source of payment for the hospitals. Anytime our government gets their claws into something it goes bad. Look at mandatory school testing. I have no idea how that test I took in every grade that robbed me of valuable learning time impacted my education but it sure as heck impacted the teachers and budgets. Medicare and medicaid have crippled the medical industry. I am all for people getting help with healthcare but we have to be honest about the class/demographic of the patients, how proactive they are in their own care, abuse of the system by the patients, doctors, over pricing, over billing, fraud and the system in general. I in no way intend for my comments to sound racist, sexist or insult any class of human or profession being but until we get people on private insurance and return society to self reliance and reduce government subsistence we are screwed. Society as a whole is responsible for this disaster. We allowed it to happen by not being involved in the processes that led us all here. Private insurance has flaws but they have the over site to reduce waste and fraud as they are all smaller entities than the federal government.
  3. by   jadelpn
    I do not disagree, however, one voice can sometimes make a difference, however, the vote one makes is not necessarily the vote they take....
    Meaning, popular vote on a national level is somewhat of a joke. The decisons made are not in the hand of voters...
    Mandatory school testing is all about the teachers and the effectiveness of teaching, but to the cost of the students who are not great test takers and can't pass it--so don't get a valid diploma.

    So school are as big of a business as hospitals....